Danni Collier

Dr Danni graduated with her Masters in Chiropractic and completed a BSc in Human physiology. She is also a qualified personal trainer and fitness class instructor.

She established a successful wellness practice in Pretoria, REALIGN, but recently relocated with her husband and sassy toddler to her favorite coastal town, Hout Bay. She has a passion for fitness and the human body, combining both her degrees to provide a holistic treatment protocol to her patients. 

Dr Danni’s treatment protocol is not only about treating the symptoms but using her in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system to help her patients get to the cause of their pain and prevent further discomfort.

She uses a combination of joint & spine manipulation with soft tissue therapy; cupping, dry needling & kinesio tape strapping, to get the best & most effective results.

She lives by the 3 simple rules; move daily, eat whole foods and look after your spine.

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